Why Visit Grooming Salon

Grooming Experts

Only a professional pet groomer can address your furry friend’s hygiene needs.

Parasite Control

We will check the pet’s coat for ear mites, fleas and other parasites that may not be visible to the pet owner.

Our Services

Full Grooming

Clipped and/or style scissoring to requirements of client and breed. Nail trim, sanitary clip and ear-cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of the teeth.

De-Shed Groom

Warm soapy wash with natural products. And a squeaky-clean rinse.

Cute Cuts

Poodle Cut

Picture your standard poodle, and this is the sort of cut you’re looking at. That said, it can be used for a variety of furry dogs.

Clean Face

You can also choose styles that will showcase the dog’s face, leaving some fur on the head but giving more room around the mouth and nose.

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Amy Williamson

Customer Support

Tatio Max grooming services are custom tailored to the needs of each individual pet and the requests of their pet parents, which means there is always something new to make your pet’s grooming experience fun and relaxing!

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